GRimmkeys is an innovative, diverse producer & dj of ELECTRONIC, Hip Hop, BREAKBEAT, JUNGLE, DRUM & BASS music.


Musician/Producer/DJ at Sound So Fierce Records, In Da Jungle Recordings, Stomp!Sounds, New York Junglist, NYC Jump Up! , Level Up Squad, Konkrete Jungle, Waves Transmute & 7:70. Jungle, Drum & Bass, Instrumental Hip-Hop, Reggae & Dubstep.
GRIMMkEYS music creations are a combination of intergalactic orchestral strings, melodic soundscapes, homegrown dubby dub, super sonic exploding brain bass and rupturing boom bap Amen drums. Passionate and inspired by the world of music as a child, he picked up the Saxophone at age 11, which later evolved into using synthesizers & drum machines. By the mid 90's, the Rave and underground warehouse scene inspired creative madness in the young musician. Marveling over the way a DJ could bend the energy and the mood on the dance floor by manipulating the vinyl, he moved forward with his musical inclinations and began mixing on turntables by 15. Collecting Drum & Bass/Jungle along with Hip-Hop, Dub Reggae and submerging himself into the world of creating music, which became his everything. While honing his practice, he set out to master the art of Turntablism, mixing and began to play at house parties, raves & outlaws around New England. DJing in the lab and performing out cured his music addiction while helping earn him a place in the underground scene, playing under the names Lokee(Lowkey) & Kato Ganj. After moving to New York City, he revisited his musical roots in 2004 and began producing original tracks using the MPC and experimenting with various production software. Currently equipped with Maschine and nearly 20 years of experience under his belt, GRIMMkEYS has reaped his own special technique. Bringing insane creativity, innovation & energy to his music and your eardrums.